A poem for my child? I don’t do that enough. Thankfully, Georgia and I spent some time outside yesterday before I hit the road for a few days of speaking. It was more than I could have expected, she took flight. Over and over she ran down the driveway as fast as she could. She wanted to fly. Her hair in motion, her little legs pumping, I swear she flew. I know my heart did.

A moment like this of course makes your heart leap, and with that joy came the urge to write a poem for my child, Georgia. A poem, something that used to consume me for days on end. Unfortunately, it had been some time since the fire to create a poem had consumed me and my notebook was just another book on the shelf covered in dust.

So for Georgia, and myself, I wrote a short little poem. To help me remember this day, and the moment she took flight.

She decided to fly for her daddy.

She decided to fly for her daddy.

Flight, a poem for my child

Like a storm of joy
She took flight

A blur of gold locks and pattering feet
Her daddy smiles

Forgetting where he was

They were both flying