Psychiatrist and holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl said, “Despair is suffering without meaning.”

I agree.

Silouan speaking to soldiers and civilians at Camp Atterbury.

The purpose of all my talks whether on PTSD, suicide, leadership, resiliency, overcoming adversity or intentional living is to help people use the trials and traumas of life as fuel for deep and meaningful living.


Understanding and Responding to PTSD

Overcoming Adversity

Helping At-Need Veterans Come Home

Building a Community Response to Survivors of Trauma

Peer Support and Resiliency for First Responders

Pro-Active Leadership Principles

Speaking that motivates, informs, and calls to action – an impact felt nationwide.

Talks are available individually for keynotes or collectively in longer workshops and seminars. Custom talks and topics available on request.

Silouan offers inspiration, tools, and practical advice on healing and rebuilding after crises for mental health professionals, first responders, veterans, corporations, institutions, students, and non-profits. He is the primary lecturer on PTSD, Resiliency, and Leadership for the Public Agency Training Council’s (the worlds #1 public training agency) expert on PTSD and Leadership.

Take a look at selected videos here on the website, or you can watch even more at Silouan’s Youtube channel.

United In Our Pain

Silouan also offers a complete course through the Ladder UPP workbook. Course length depends on the venue, setting, number of attendees, and other factors but all courses go through the entire Ladder UPP program.

There are also train-the-trainer sessions available for organizations that wish to offer Ladder UPP classes on their own. Click here to learn more about The Ladder UPP.

“Your ability to reach inside folks and bring out some of their darkest moments to help them and let them know they are not alone and they too can live a free and happy life is truly amazing. During both of the talks I have attended I sat pretty much in the back of the room and as I sat there I could actually see the healing take place and their personal demons float away.”

Bill Doss – Fallen Hoosiers, Freedom PT