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PTSD, Overcoming Adversity, Suicide Prevention, Proactive Leadership: Motivate, Educate, Call-to-Action!

Speaking professionally in some ways was a happy accident. It started volunteering in prisons where I learned I had a knack for being both entertaining and informational. I developed much of my technique behind those bars and learning to win over a tough crowd has helped me ever since! The good word on my impact spread. Initially, I was asked to speak by many different organizations and groups on overcoming adversity and PTSD, and soon I had a decision to make, speak full-time and quit the day job, or accept the status-quo. I am not a status-quo sort of guy so I quit the day job and trusted that my words would be in demand. Thankfully, the momentum continued.

What began in a maximum security prison speaking on finding meaning and purpose in the darkest of hopeless conditions has spread to other topics – overcoming adversity, leadership, PTSD, suicide prevention, moral injury, trauma and family, and more – and groups such as first responders, the military and our veterans, mental health professionals and groups, corporations, college students, communities and non-profits from around the country. I have worked with hundreds of groups and organizations across the country, below you’ll find a selected list of my clients:

Department of Homeland Security, Colorado State Patrol, the Red Cross, Easter Seals, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Chicago PD, Willow Creek Community Church, Brentwood Baptist Church, Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Mental Health America,  Columbus PD, Purdue University, Illinois State University, UW-Lacrosse, IU-Kokomo, University of California – Riverside, Gold Star families, Survivor Outreach Services, Yellow Ribbon Transition events, Camp LeJeune, Fort Bragg, Fort Campbell, Walter Reed, Fort Drum,  many National Guard units, US Air Force Space Command, Air Force Reserve, Veterans Administration, VFW, American Legion, Marine Corps League, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Adanta, Bowen Center, Visiting Nurse, juvenile courts, addiction courts, veterans courts, and hundreds of state and national conferences on mental health, leadership, overcoming adversity and peer support.

United In Our Pain

My talks and workshops are intense and motivational with clear instruction and calls to action that can be customized to fit your specific needs. From 20 minute keynotes to three day workshops, I always incorporate three elements – personal experience, solid science and statistics, tangible take aways and learning objectives. From Suicide Prevention to Resiliency, Overcoming Adversity to Pro-active Leadership, Responding to PTSD and creating effective peer support groups, or teaching on my evidence based life skills tool The Ladder UPP, my goal is to leave all participants motivated, educated, and ready to take action, personally and in their community.

Some past talk and workshop titles:

Broken, but Alive! My rise from a tragic jet crash, severe PTSD, and cancer
Who Am I? A search for identity and purpose
A Journey of Purpose: Using brokenness as fuel for living
Learning to Live: Turning our traumas into fuel to live

Overcoming Adversity: Using our trials and traumas as fuel for life
Peer Support, Resiliency, and Suicide Prevention: Best practices and proven tools
Real Healing: Practical tools for responding to trauma and PTSD
Coming Home: Responding to veterans, PTSD, and the traumas of service
Fitting the Pieces Together: Long-term resiliency and healing
Stripped: The moral injury of war

Trauma to Hope: Building a local community of empathy and support

Pro-active Leadership: Leadership skills for creating a community of resiliency and forward movement
Stronger Together: Helping couples grow stronger through adversity

The Ladder UPP: An evidence-based tool for peer support focused on meaning and purpose

Take a look at selected videos here on the website, or you can watch even more at Silouan’s Youtube channel. You can contact my team directly for speaking inquiries. I’ll look forward to being with you.

Overcoming Adversity

“Your ability to reach inside folks and bring out some of their darkest moments to help them and let them know they are not alone and they too can live a free and happy life is truly amazing. During both of the talks I have attended I sat pretty much in the back of the room and as I sat there I could actually see the healing take place and their personal demons float away.”

Bill Doss – Fallen Hoosiers, Freedom PT

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  1. Mr. Green:
    I heard you speak at Kentucky’s CIT Conference a few weeks ago. Great presentation, and many prayers for you and your family and good health!

    Adanta is always on the lookout for great presentations for our annual Focusing on Treatment and Care Conference. It is being planned for July or August 2014. You can see information about our 2013 Conference on the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/The.Adanta.Group. Can you please send me your speaking fee and requirements? We are 1 of 14 community mental health centers in KY, non-profit, serving 10 counties and around 13-16,000 clients annually.

    Thank you. Jamie

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