Sycamore Hill


Sycamore Hill – A Search for God When Life Doesn’t Make Sense. Three lives learn to live again after the most traumatic of life experiences.


Sycamore Hill is a place of healing where one can breathe deeply and learn to live abundantly. It is where anger and despair at God turn into faith and hope.

David created Sycamore Hill from an old vacation retreat in the rolling woods outside of Bloomington, Indiana. He came here after a tragedy destroyed his family and left him alone with guilt, despair, and hopelessness. It is here that Jason and Zoe come to face their own demons – Jason a veteran of war who has been part of its horrors, Zoe a young lady haunted by brutality and shame.

Sycamore Hill teaches them how to live, how to find God, and most importantly, that they are not alone. And neither are you.

All copies of Sycamore Hill purchased on will be signed by Silouan and include his Quick Guide to overcoming trauma.

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