The Ladder UPP

The Ladder UPP: Introduction


Silouan Green's Ladder UPP life skills workbook.

Silouan Green’s, The Ladder UPP workbook – you make the climb.

The Ladder UPP is a life skills tool for individuals and small groups.

Easily explore you goals, needs, and issues and then visualize ways to reach them.

Create a platform for conversation that gets below the surface and allows anyone to connect with the deep hurt that can hold us back.

From youth to adults, create action plans that work. As one participant has said, “it changed my life in such a wonderful, profound way.”

Proven results with data:

We have collected data from various small groups including veterans, those in recovery, and survivors. Utilizing the “Snyder Hope Scale” our results were found to be statistically significant in raising the scores of the participants. The Snyder Hope Scale is a much studied, long used diagnostic tool. The higher your “Hope” score, the more likely you are to be successful in life change. Hope is seen in a practical way, “I have a plan, I believe the plan can happen”. The more you believe that, the higher your “hope” and the more likely you will engage in life change.

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