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Stories and lessons from Silouan's travels around the country speaking on PTSD, suicide prevention, and peer support.
We all get broken
You can use your own pain, wisdom, experience, and desire to live free. When you do, life is better. The sky is bluer. We find purpose in our pain. It...
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Leadership and Humility
The Illinois State Police has had a tough year. Like most law enforcement agencies, when an officer is killed in the line of duty the effect is both immediate and...
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Common sense healing in the Yosemite Valley
Yosemite National Park overwhelms you. Driving up toward the south entrance on California Highway 41, I thought I would be ready for the experience. I had seen all the Ansel...
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The Time In Between Is What Matters
I just spoke to a group of first responders from around Michigan this past Saturday at Kalamazoo Community College. The Michigan State Fire Marshall, Kevin Sehlmeyer, and KVCC’s, Marty Meyers,...
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What happened to Semper Fi?
Semper Fidelis, or the more well-known shortened version, Semper Fi, latin for “always faithful”, is a well-known and well-used phrase usually directed towards the Marine Corps, but applicable to all...
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Loneliness, Health, and the Holidays
The Problem A recent Cigna study shows how increasing loneliness in our society - they estimate nearly half of all Americans had feelings of loneliness and isolation - contributes greatly...
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Books by Silouan

These books have inspired and given direction to thousands of people from all backgrounds looking to live with meaning and purpose.
Sycamore Hill
Sycamore Hill is a place of healing where one can breathe deeply and learn to live abundantly. It is where anger and despair at God turn into faith and hope. David created Sycamore Hill from...
Who Am I?
When you’ve been broken and are staring into the abyss, your mind can take you to strange places. Life becomes a twisted tale. Who Am I? is the psychosomatic trip I took as I was slipping over...
The Ladder UPP
The Ladder UPP is a simple workbook that helps individuals and small groups work their way through life’s trials, transitions, and traumas. The Ladder UPP is a data-driven life skills program developed by Silouan Green,...