Live free, clear and focused. Use your trials and traumas as fuel for life!

Silouan has worked with law enforcement, fire fighters, active duty military and veterans, national and state agencies, colleges, churches, non-profits, survivors, caregivers, and mental health groups for over 20 years.

A survivor who has experienced the mental, spiritual, and physical impact of trauma, he is also a husband and father of nine who understands the battle we all face everyday to live with meaning and purpose.

Creativity was a catalyst for his healing – writing, music, and photography. By breaking down the steps of his own journey, he identified fundamental principles we must go through to order our lives after trials and traumas of all kinds. These fundamental principles of introspection, goal setting, personal accountability and leadership became the foundation of his evidence-based life skills tool, The Ladder UPP.

Here you will find information on his speaking and teaching, books, music, videos, podcast and The  Ladder UPP workbook and e-course.