Sycamore Hill

Sycamore Hill: A search for God when life doesn’t make sense

Book Summary: Sycamore Hill is a place of healing where one can breathe deeply and learn to live abundantly. It is where anger and despair at God turn into faith and hope.

David created Sycamore Hill from an old vacation retreat in the rolling woods outside of Bloomington, Indiana. He came here after a tragedy destroyed his family and left him alone with guilt, despair, and hopelessness. It is here that Jason and Zoe come to face their own demons – Jason a veteran of war who has been part of its horrors, Zoe a young lady haunted by brutality and shame.

Sycamore Hill teaches them how to live, how to find God, and most importantly, that they are not alone. And neither are you.

Inspired by people I’ve worked with who faced incredible life trauma – a family dying, war, rape by a grandfather, heroin addiction – it is a story that reminds us how we overcome our trials and traumas to help each other heal and live free. It is a magical book that will give you hope in the worst of circumstances.

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Testimonials from

“Silouan touches the hearts and minds of those who have lived the horrors of man’s inhumanity to man. His clear message that we are not alone and the blessing brought to our souls by taking a chance to trust God to make something good out of the ashes of our pain resonates gently with those who have known great pain. A must read for anyone who has carried the burden of loss, violation, or who works with those who have. This book brings hope and understanding with direction toward life and that abundantly. This book needs to be read by every person who wants to know wholeness and healing and to find encouragement to go forward with life.” by Joyce I. Vaughan

“This is a fantastic book. It reminds me in some ways of “The Shack” or the “Perfect Stranger” books. But this book is better. Those books introduce you to God, which is certainly a great thing. “Sycamore Hill” goes further by explaining in simple words how we can find God, how we can live each moment of every day following Him, letting Him love and care for us, letting Him heal us and take away our shame and demons, and showering His goodness on us. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who’s had even one dark night of anxiety or shame or loneliness. It will help you see you are not alone, and also see the path to take to God.” By Eric P

“A clear, simple and profound message presented in a warm story. Any reader will gain from Green’s efforts to give of himself and his experience to any of us willing to go with him on this healing journey. A tough question, posed by mankind since only God knows when, and always lurking inside each of us, is treated deftly, carefully and lovingly by Green. Don’t be put off if you aren’t exactly a devoted believer in “a God”, this gentle guide towards a meaningful life with others and with ourselves is superb, touching and humble. This is for everyone. The story format makes the author’s “guiding” very accessible and though you might make it a quick read, I’ll bet you will want to go back to it down the road. I know I will.” By John D.