The Time In Between Is What Matters

I just spoke to a group of first responders from around Michigan this past Saturday at Kalamazoo Community College. The Michigan State Fire Marshall, Kevin Sehlmeyer, and KVCC’s, Marty Meyers, were kind enough to coordinate the event. Both are deeply committed to helping firefighters and all first responders live…

What happened to Semper Fi?

Semper Fidelis, or the more well-known shortened version, Semper Fi, latin for “always faithful”, is a well-known and well-used phrase usually directed towards the Marine Corps, but applicable to all those who serve.

While especially meaningful to anyone who has worn the eagle, globe, and anchor, in regards to the…

How to beat depression

Depression will eat you up and steal your soul.

You feel like you have done everything you can, that you’ve used all your energies, and still, you despair.

Ultimately, I believe depression results when we feel like we have lost control of our lives and are hopeless to make a change….

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