Listen. Be still. Take a moment and see how quiet you can be. Technology is a tool, an important one, but don’t let it make you the tool!

It’s a Skill
Listening is a lost skill in our information age. We scan for what we want to see and hear, and…

Suicide Solution

Suicide is an answer to a problem. Unrelenting despair and pain consume us and our attempts to mitigate the effects seem fruitless. Without hope, our last hope is found in a turn to the final solution, an eternal escape from our tiring, soul crushing world.

One aspect of suicide that…

The Panic of Loneliness

The Panic of Loneliness

At a recent class I was teaching on PTSD and trauma one of the students responded with one of the bravest, most profound statements I’ve gotten as feedback in a class.

It was all law enforcement officers, and we were discussing the question, “What is something in…