Spiritual Lessons from Hurricane Harvey

Devastation could not extinguish our spirit
Devastation was left in its path. Hurricane Harvey covered up cities with a biblical deluge of water, debris, and filth. Nature was unleashed causing enormous death and destruction, yet the human spirit could not be extinguished.

Even as the winds tore, the rain fell and…

You are already naked!

Keep thy mind in hell!
Two of my heroes impacted me with similar messages while spending their lives on very different paths. One walked a road of prayer and repentance, the other gave us tools that change the way we create and interact with the world. Both taught me a…

3 keys to Effective Peer Support

Peer Support is an important, but often misunderstood and executed concept.

Be Proactive:
We live in a reactive world – wait till there is a problem, then do something about it. This of course means problems tend to never really get solved as new problems arise in the middle of addressing…

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