The Greatest Story I Will Ever Tell

I want to be home.
I am on the road teaching my class, “Veterans, Police Officers, and Communities in Crisis: Responding to Trauma,” and as I was hitting the hotel’s elliptical machine I began to reminisce about the 19 years my wife and I have been married. Really, it had…

Lessons on Parenting: Aim High

Our Burden’s Odor
“It is said that a newly made vessel will preserve for a long time, perhaps permanently, the odor of whatever was poured into it at that time. This can also be said about the atmosphere surrounding children.”  St. Theophan the Recluse from The Path to Salvation.

I read…

Mental Health through Systematic Introspection

Our Lives Are Deep And Wide
The psychologist Erik Erikson literally wrote the book on childhood and human development. A towering figure of modern mental health study, his writings on the stages of human development were a watershed moment for understanding our human psychology.

In his book, Childhood and Society, he…

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