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Silouan conducting a workshop at the US Army's Soldiers Systems Center, the Army's premier research center outside of Boston.

Silouan conducting a workshop at the US Army’s Soldiers Systems Center, the Army’s premier research center outside of Boston.

 – Speaker and Writer on PTSD and Overcoming Adversity

“One of the most inspiring and life changing stories you will ever experience. And for me, it was just the beginning of so much more…”

–Candice Alger, CEO Giant Studios – recent film work: Avatar, Tintin, Real Steel

Silouan helps communities and individuals better understand and respond to PTSD and other adversities of life impacting the ones they love and care for. PTSD is not a pathology. It doesn’t have to be a life sentence of struggle. It is a result of brokenness, and that which is broken can heal and learn to live again. All of us face adversities in life. Some of them break us and when that happens depression, PTSD, and other mental health conditions can take over our lives. Understanding that we are united in our pain, we must be committed to creating communities, organizations, and families that heal.

There is a reason WISH-TV called Silouan “The man they call an Angel”. He has an incredible gift for empowering people with a passion that is infectious.

These are just some of the audiences Silouan has spoken to:

Students (Illinois State, UW-Lacrosse, IU-Kokomo, University of California – Riverside, UW-Platteville, Ivy Tech)
Survivors (Gold Star families, Survivor Outreach Services)
Active duty troops, the National Guard, & Veterans (Camp LeJeune, Fort Bragg, Fort Campbell, Walter Reed, Fort Drum, Camp Atterbury, National Guard, VA, VFW, American Legion)
Mental Health Professionals (NAMI, Adanta, MHA, Bowen Center, Visiting Nurse)
Churches (Willow Creek Community Church, Brentwood Baptist)
Community Organizations (AHEC, Community Family Services, Veterans Services, Juvenile Courts)
Recovery Groups (Many different recovery homes and services)
First Responders (Denver PD, Broward County Sheriff, Indianapolis Metropolitan PD, Cincinnati PD, Columbus PD)

Workshop and Speaking Topics (Custom topics available on request):

Broken, but alive! – Understand and Respond to PTSD and Brokenness. Break down the stigma of PTSD, depression and suicide.
Fuel for Living – How to Overcome Adversity and the Traumas of Life
Overcoming Moral Trauma – Learning to Live when Life Doesn’t Make Sense
Mindful Living – Building a Life of Passion and Purpose
The Ladder UPP – a practical tool for learning to live and helping others do the same. Ideal for small groups, peer groups, family and individual study.

To learn more about Silouan’s speaking, workshops, and his life skills program, The Ladder UPP, and to watch sample video, just click here.

At the foundation of his speaking is the journey he took to escape his own demons of PTSD, depression, and suicide after a tragic jet crash. At the depths of despair, where suicide seemed like a logical solution to his pain, he began to write. These words allowed him to use the pain of his journey as fuel for hope, and hope led to a new life. Whether it is the The Ladder UPP workbook, his memoir Who Am I?, his music, or his writing on-line here or at Stomping Puddles, he hopes to show others that we are united in our pain, we all can get broken, and it is together that we find hope. Truly, hope lives free!

For some more on the pain that unites us and living free, click here!

“Silouan Green’s message impacted everyone in attendance and it is exactly the kind of message all our veterans need to hear, especially those who are dealing with PTSD and other types of trauma. His story relative to his personal experiences and his own personal journey are relevant across the spectrum of today’s military, the veteran community and society as a whole.”

Michael A. Blum, National Executive Director, Marine Corps League 

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