Core Principles of Healing and Rebuilding

1) Crises cloud and can even destroy our sense of purpose, the belief that our life matters. In this fog, life can be hard, if not impossible, to live fully. At its worst, we are completely lost in despair, at best, we muddle along, aware we aren't fully living.

2) Purpose is the fuel for living. We build our lives with the fuel of purpose and use that to find the hope we need to overcome the crises we face.

3) Healing and rebuilding are ultimately reclaiming our sense of purpose and using that to move forward. It is a journey worth taking and one in which you are not alone. Here I share the tools and advice I have acquired overcoming my own crises and helping others do the same.

After the Crash

After the crash, how do you heal and learn to rebuild your life? The trials and transitions of life can result in depression, anxiety, PTSD, or worse. You can use these crises of life as fuel to live free. Since overcoming severe PTSD, depression and suicidal ideations as the result of a tragic jet crash, Silouan teaches others to live free.

Silouan doesn’t just help individuals. He educates many different groups and organizations - police, fire, colleges, non-profits, mental health and other organizations - on the impact of trauma, how its impact develops, and how to respond both individually and collectively.

However life has tried to break you, you can use the pieces as fuel to live free.

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