Hey bud, what did you do for Easter?!

Our Easter was pretty simple, so I’ll let the pictures I took tell most of the story. We went to church the night before and got home at 3:30am, rose from bed about 10am, hid eggs, hunted eggs, played, and loved each other. These images and more will be seared in my mind forever. Thank you God for all the blessings you’ve given our family. It’s hard to remember sometimes,… Read More »

A shocking statistic on parents.

An article by CBSlocal Minnesota revealed a sad report on parenting by the Boston Medical Center. Among other things, it reports that parents spend an average of 11 hours a day using electronic devices to the detriment of their children. Some key quotes from the article: “Researchers at the Boston Medical Center observed 55 different groups of parents and young children eating at fast food restaurants. The study found the majority pulled… Read More »

How do you find true love?

True love is real! My wife and I have a blessed relationship that has resulted in 15 years of marriage and seven beautiful, wonderful, joy filled children. People often ask me, how do you find true love, or how do you find your soul mate? My answer is always the same: Become the person you were meant to be and you will find the person you were meant to be… Read More »

Our special forces are killing themselves, why? And what to do.

Here is another heartbreaking story about the toll of war on our special forces. They are the best trained of our Armed Forces, yet as I hammer home in my workshops and lectures, life can break anyone.  http://p.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/apr/18/special-forces-suicide-rates-hit-record-levels-cas/ This story came out just a day after I conducted a “Responding to PTSD” class in Denver, CO and had the honor to meet a veteran who served with special forces now… Read More »

It’s Easter, why Christians are the problem.

Today, millions of Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. More than anything, his life was an example of humble sacrifice, a brutal death on the cross for the sake of all men, women, and children. This kind of black and white humble sacrifice is what we are all called to do, to give of ourselves. To humble ourselves. Even when it hurts. Even when it means giving up sweet… Read More »

Where do you find love?

You find love when you are focused on another. Whether it is kissing your wife as she sleeps and you slip out of bed to make breakfast for her, or it is in more severe circumstances and you sacrifice yourself so another can live, love is found when we do something unconditionally for another person. For years I had horrible relationships. Why? I was selfish, I was more concerned about… Read More »