Silouan Green - speaker and writer.

Silouan Green

Silouan speaks and writes on PTSD, Overcoming Adversity, Faith & Trauma, Leadership, and Intentional Living

“I’m proud to say that I’m a survivor of severe PTSD caused by a jet crash when I was a young man. It led to anxiety, depression, and a desire to die. Thankfully,  I learned to use my life’s trauma as fuel to live with purpose and passion.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a veteran, a home-schooler, a police officer, a preacher, a student, a teacher, homeless or wealthy – in a world where more and more of us feel isolated and alone, we can’t be ashamed to realize that life can break us all.

Strength is using our pain to help others and learning to live with purpose. It is down on our knees where we find hope. Hope and strength are found when we realize that the secret to life is living as we were created with purpose, passion and love for each other.

I speak and write on the things that isolate us and sometimes make no sense – trauma, depression, PTSD, spiritual despair, suicide, and the other demons of life – and give hope that they can be overcome. I was in that dark hole myself, alone and full of despair. I know first hand that there is hope and together we can make ourselves, our families, our communities, our workplaces, and our churches healthier and full of life.”

Silouan Green is a speaker and writer on a variety of topics all focused on using the traumas of life as fuel for living and leading – PTSD and trauma, Overcoming Adversity, Leadership and Intentional Living. Silouan overcame severe PTSD after a tragic jet crash while training as a US Marine to find purpose and the hope to live. After years of helping others overcome their own life traumas, it became clear that living with purpose is fundamental to living, whether you are struggling to overcome a severe trauma, feel lost and without meaning, or simply want more from life. Especially as a PTSD speaker, Silouan provides the point of view of someone who has been there, learned to heal and live with joy and purpose, and now helps others do the same.

Silouan is passionate about overcoming the stigma of PTSD and other mental health issues and making clear that the best way to overcome them is by living a life of meaning and purpose. He began speaking as a volunteer in a maximum security prison and now speaks to many different groups and organizations on responding to PTSD, depression and other impacts of life trauma, moral and spiritual injury, overcoming adversity, and building a life of purpose. He developed The Ladder UPP life skills program which has been used by people across the globe to rebuild their lives with a foundation of purpose. He teaches communities, groups, and organizations how to respond to their own who are suffering and how to build more effective peer outreach groups.

We welcome you in the battle to spread hope and purpose to all the dark places in need of light. More than anything, we can use our own struggles as fuel to help others in need of hope. If we don’t look out for each other, who will? Take a look around, you’ll find plenty to help equip you for this journey of hope.

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