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Silouan conducting a workshop at the US Army's Soldiers Systems Center, the Army's premier research center outside of Boston.

Silouan conducting a workshop at the US Army’s Soldiers Systems Center, the Army’s premier research center outside of Boston.

Silouan Green has spoken to hundreds of groups, organizations, and gatherings on PTSD and Overcoming Adversity. He has impacted thousands while traveling across the country to make a difference in the lives of those struggling to overcome trauma – one of the many reasons he was called by WISH-TV – “The man they call an angel.” He is more than a PTSD speaker and a powerful voice on overcoming adversity, he inspires others to use the adversities of life as fuel to live free and change the world around them.

His talks help overcome the stigma of PTSD, depression, suicide and other “cracks” of life, by helping us understand how we are all united in our pain.

In explaining this common empathy of pain, Silouan inspires those in the audience to examine their own lives, live free, and better impact those suffering in their own community – veterans, isolated students, broken families, the elderly, anyone needing to overcome the cracks of life.

Whatever the topic, Silouan's mission is to equip others to help impact lives.

Whatever the topic, Silouan’s mission is to equip others to help impact lives.

Silouan has worked with a diverse cross-section of american society – colleges, churches, non-profits, first responders, and businesses – to better equip their members in the battle against the many life adversities we all face today.

To learn more about Silouan’s speaking, workshops, and his life skills program, The Ladder UPP, and to hear him speak, just click here.

At the foundation of his speaking is the journey he took to escape his own demons of PTSD, depression, and suicide after a tragic jet crash. At the depths of despair, where suicide seemed like a logical solution to his pain, he began to write. These words allowed him to use the pain of his journey as fuel for hope, and hope led to a new life. Whether it is the The Ladder UPP workbook, his memoir Who Am I?, his music, or his writing on-line here or at Stomping Puddles, he hopes to show others that we are united in our pain, we all can get broken, and it is together that we find hope. Truly, hope lives free!

For some more on the pain that unites us and living free, click here!

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