Rise Up! Tools and Advice to Live Free!

My life was broken. I began to write as a way to make sense of my pain and look for hope. Those first few words in a notebook have led to two books, a life skills workbook, music, and a career in public speaking focused on the topics of PTSD, Overcoming Adversity, Leadership, and the intersection of Faith and Trauma. From this experience, I learned that you begin to live again when you find purpose - a reason to live and face the trials and transitions of life, and then use them as fuel for living.

More than anything, I want you to live free. What does that mean? You are honest and accountable with a life built upon a clear purpose. You are in community with others, sharing your life and a deep, spiritual journey.

Here you will find inspiration and help for the transitions of life, a spirit of forgiveness, and solid advice on personal growth. This is real life, nothing fancy or preachy, just a mission to equip you to overcome the adversities of life to live free, and then use this freedom to help others.

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