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Imagine your best life. On The Pilgrim’s Odyssey podcast, hosted by Silouan Green, we give you the daily hope, inspiration, and direction to do just that, live your best life.

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Episode #69 – Learning From The Curse of Domestic Violence
Episode #68 – Who Is Raising Your Kids?
Episode #67 – Focusing Your Life On What Matters
Episode #66 – Suffering Veterans and First Responders Are Still Suffering
Episode #65 – Stuck On A Ledge
Episode #64 – Healing A Broken Heart With A Fountain of Faith
Episode #63 – Poor in spirit is the beginning of the cure
Episode #62 – The Broken and Contrite Heart of Cumulative Trauma
Episode #61 – The day I burned down a graveyard, Almost

Episode #60 – The glory in our sufferings, using this time wisely
Episode #59 – Making use of your time because the days are evil.
Episode #58 – Preparation– Love Your Enemies and Reveal Your Faith
Episode #57 – From Fire to Life – Going to the well with a Samaritan
Episode #56 – Who is your God? Gotta serve somebody!
Episode #55 – Preparing For What’s Next, George Floyd and the Minneapolis Riots
Episode #54 – Meaning In Our Suffering: Thomas Merton and Why The Cross?
Episode #53 – Don’t Be Afraid Kids: Deconstruction of a Hawk Nelson (just what is a Hawk Nelson?)
Episode #52 – An Atheist and a Pilgrim Meet on a Train: Or, The Curse of Hipster Christians
Episode #51 – Memorial Day 2020 Tribute Part 1: Gold Stars and Lt. Michael Murphy: Daring, Hope, and Will

Episode #50 – Memorial Day 2020 Tribute Part 1: There Will Be Blood
Episode #49 – Hope In Fallen Heroes: A Pope, A Preacher, A Monk, An Apologist
Episode #48 – An Eagle Has Flown: A Tribute to Mark Zook and Those Who Serve
Episode #47 – A Nugget from Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Grandma Toodles: On Prayer and Witness to Others
Episode #46 – Harmony and Humility: Inspiration From Country Churches and A Garage Chapel
Episode #45 – Where are We Going, and Who Will We Follow Out of the Dark Forest?
Episode #44 – Deepening our Faith in a Time of Crisis, While Fighting Against Tyranny
Episode #43 – Tolkien, Hitler, and the Words of an 8-year old: Walking the Fine Line
Episode #42 – Rebecca Bryan Boone and My Girl: “We’ll Make Do”
Episode #41 – From Turmoil to Peace: Regaining a lamp to my feet and a light to my path

Episode #40 – Destiny and Anxiety Part Three: Let Your Light Shine
Episode #39 – The Cross of the Paradigm Shift: What are you willing to change?
Episode #38 – Facing Chaos: Uncle Milton, Jordan Peterson, and Snapping Turtles
Episode #37 – Destiny and Anxiety Part Two: You have triumphed, You are not a failure
Episode #36 – Tipping Points: Your effort matters
Episode #35 – Destiny and Anxiety Part One: Asking the right questions to remove planks and overcome fear and find truth
Episode #34 – The Light of the Sun, and the Fire of Faith
Episode #33 – Are you crazy enough?
Episode #32 – Eat a Popcycle: A Creek in the Woods and the Collective Unconscious
Episode #31 – Journey Through the Black Moment: Learning the Beatitudes in Pendleton Correctional Facility

Episode #30 – Renewing Your Mind: Anger, Control, and the Coronavirus
Episode #29 – Navigating the Dark Deep Pit of Deceit!
Episode #28 – Scabs: The Impact of Our Current Crisis on Past Trauma and What to Do About It
Episode #27 – Stories Heal: 4 talking bears, the Bible, and a heroin addict
Episode #26 – The Power of Words: Did I Tell You About the Good Samaritan and the Cocaine Dealer
Episode #25 – Why God?: or, how Waffle House Was My Church
Episode #24 – Into the Mystery: Facing Trauma and Faith in Yosemite National Park
Episode #23 – The Magic of Trees: A Visit With U2, Easy Rider, and The Garden of Gethsemane
Episode #22 – Redeeming The Time: The Old Sea Captain Said, Night is Coming
Episode #21 – Feel and Act: Waking Up From UnComfortably Numb

Episode #20 – The Road of Redemption: The Via Dolorosa and The Thorn in My Side
Episode #19 – Perseverance: A Life Worth Living, Steve Jobs, and the American Eel
Episode #18 – Bono and Merton: Listening Without Hearing, Responding Without Thinking, I Floated Out of Here
Episode #17 – Chasing The Light: Grandma Toodles, Hungarians and The Golden Hour at Lassen Volcanic National Park
Episode #16 – The Discipline of Love: The Power of Being Present for Parents and All of Us
Episode #15 – Morning Dew and The Path of Humility and Stillness
Episode #14 – Lessons in Parenting: Keeping Perspective, Even When Your 3-year old Wants to Punch You in the Face
Episode #13 – The News Has Made Itself Unnecessary (Sort of): or, A Life Not Lived Was a Tragedy
Episode #12 – On The Road with Jung: The Only Certainties are Found in Doubt
Episode #11 – Finding Your Power Place: The Coffee Shop Girl, Negative Ions, and Places That Matter

Episode #10 – Eye of the Storm: Using Coronatime Well and, a Gem from the Philokalia
Episode #9 – A Moment with Merton: No Man an Island in a World Full of Lies
Episode #8 – Live Free or Die!: Meaning from Inside Pendleton Maximum Security Prison
Episode #7 – Road Trips and Empty Streets: The Mystery at the End of the Road Keeps Me Alive
Episode #6 – Finding The Pathways and Agencies of Hope: A guitar, a motorcycle, and a soulmate
Episode #5 – Understanding Suicide 3 of 3: Viktor Frankl and The Medicine of Meaning
Episode #4 – Understanding Suicide Part 2 of 3: Worn out, hopeless, Moving Forward Keeps Us Alive
Episode #3 – Understanding Suicide Part 1 of 3: Baumeister, Fire Shows, and It’s a Wonderful Life
Episode #2 – Facing what you fear: Freedom found in the darkest of times
Episode #1 – Blowing in the wind: Coronavirus and the epic motorcycle journey that saved my life