Robert Kraft is a 77 year old billionaire, owner of the New England Patriots, father of 4, and partner to a 39-year old model. It also appears he likes to drive to cheap strip mall massage parlors in a white Bentley for oil massages, table showers, and happy endings.


We know the easy answer. What is the real answer?

Mortality and Meaning

We all face our mortality and existential thoughts with a desire of meaning. We want to believe this life has value, meaning, and purpose. We want to believe our life mattered. It is a hole of existence that needs filled. And it will be filled whether we do it intentionally with things that matter, or with shiny and sweet things that decay and make the hole bigger because they never satisfy. Robert Kraft evidently chose the latter.

Billions of dollars and what it can buy has not fulfilled Robert Kraft. A fleet of cars, women from around the world, big houses, chefs, jewelry, his name on buildings, you name it, yet, none of it filled the hole. His daily desires and emptiness led him to a quick stop for a tug and pull from a 45-year old massage parlor manager and her 58-year old employee . Think about that for minute. What restlessness and horror. What a debasement to fulfill his most animalistic urges. When nothing fills the hole you end up in the bottom where it is all pig slop. Robert Kraft has fallen, pray for him, and learn from him.

Peace vs. Demons

A boy finding meaning, no phone in sight!

In my life, when my wife and I are strong, when I am spending time with the kids, when I’m working out and working hard, and when I’m living my faith, stress seems to pass away and peace takes over. When those things are in balance, the hole is filled and the things that kill our soul appear unnatural and don’t seem attractive. But when I am not a good husband, when I am not doing my best at work, when I am ignoring the kids or worse, and when my faith is something I talk about but don’t practice, well, the demons come. They come fast and are unrelenting. They do their best to convince me that they are my true temporal friends and the good things are the real distractions.

What are you going to do about your hole? You can’t ignore it. As we get older and regret accumulates, it will call unto you.

What will your answer be?

Make a list. What are the things you do to fill the hole that do not truly satisfy and leave you craving more?

Make another list. What are the things that should be most important in your life – kids, family, faith, friends, health, etc. – and will keep the hole from turning black?

Scratch things off the first list. Focus on the second.

Simplify, prioritize, be intentional.

Quit sliding down the hole that leads to cheap massages and 58-year old prostitutes, or, worse. It is the hole that prioritizes work over family, drugs and alcohol over health, muddling over purpose, consumption over faith, technology over nature and human interaction. It screams “Welcome to the Jungle” and we oblige.