The American Blues

Music heals:
Music and learning to play the guitar were my therapy in my darkest days. I never really wrote music for others, but I have found the way I expressed my struggles and ultimate triumphs connect with many of the people I meet in my travels.

Fly with Angels was recorded in Nashville, TN with some of Nashville’s finest session musicians. You’ve heard them on countless Top-40 hits. It’s Americana music inspired by the journey I took after my jet crash, singer-songwriter tunes with an edge!

Enjoy a song sampler from Fly with Angels:

A love story:

Check out the picture-video and full version of my song, Love is Real, it has pictures of the epic motorcycle journey I took with my wife, and our life together today.

Stream and share:

The following songs you can stream are always some part of my speaking and workshops, and it is a real pleasure to share them with you here. In the queue first is Hold On!, a song I sing at the end of all my engagements. Use the controls to listen to the entire album here for free!

Purchase and support:

Your purchase of my music and books supports this site and my work as I travel around the country helping those struggling to live. Please visit where you can find this album plus some amazing deluxe packages. You can stream it for free!

Or you can purchase on iTunes: Click for Fly with Angels on iTunes!

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