Books and Resources by Silouan

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Who Am I?:

My story of overcoming severe PTSD after a tragic jet crash to learn how to live again, happy and free. It began as the poems I wrote to make sense of the demons raging in my head and led to a testimony of using our worst moments as fuel for life.

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Sycamore Hill:

Inspired by people I’ve worked with who faced incredible life trauma – a family dying, war, rape by a grandfather, heroin addiction – it is a story that reminds us how we overcome our trials and traumas to help each other heal and live free. It is a magical book that will give you hope in the worst of circumstances.

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The Ladder UPP:

My life skills workbook that has been proven effective. Know yourself, then use that insight to execute a plan to live with deep meaning and purpose while equipping yourself to help others do the same. Don’t wait to start living the life you want.

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