You are not alone!

Life can break anyone. We all take hits. The impact can be as varied as our human experience and I have found that unresolved brokenness leads to a muddling life at best, severe mental health issues at worst.

It can happen in many ways: how we are raised, life trauma, loss of a loved one, war, assault, addiction, bullying, you name it. To live again, we must learn how to live free. That is what the Ladder UPP does, it is the first step to a new life where we are free to truly live. Once we begin stepping forward our paths will diverge based on our own particular passions and purpose, but to get moving, we need to figure out how to overcome our past and learn to look forward in a smart, healthy way.

Where are you going?

Whether you just aren’t happy with life, or you are suffering from conditions like depression or PTSD, you must REVEAL your true self by looking at your past, present and future honestly and with transparency. Then you must REBUILD your life by ordering your life clearly and simply, setting goals, and looking forward with passion and purpose. Finally, you must START THE JOURNEY by taking that first step with a clear plan and others who will hold you accountable. Those are the steps The Ladder UPP leads one through – REVEAL, REBUILD, START THE JOURNEY – and those are the steps that build the foundation of a life that is free.

The Ladder UPP has been used by veterans, survivors of those lost serving our country, retired folks and young people looking for purpose, sexual assault victims, police officers, counselors, children, prisoners, you name it. The Ladder UPP is for anyone who wants to learn to live with deep passion and purpose, or as I like to say, those who want to live free.