About Silouan Green

Go ahead, take a bite!

Hey there, my name is Silouan Green. I am married to Thecla and we have nine children. You read that right, nine! Our oldest is 19 and our youngest almost two. Our first date was a road trip to Graceland and that was followed up with a fairly epic three and a half month motorcycle/camping journey across the American west. The rest you might say, is history!

We started our life in one of the world’s great cities, San Francisco, where I was publishing an outdoors magazine, and then fate brought us back home to Indiana. We now live in a large stone house in the woods next to a winding creek, accessed by a long drive-way with a bridge. It is a fitting location for our tribe. My wife homeschools our children and does her best to corral the happy madness while I travel across the country helping all sorts of people – first responders, veterans, addicts, the unhappy and hollow, the depressed, you name it – learn to rebuild with meaning and purpose.

Why is that? Well, after a tragic jet crash when I was in the Marines, I found myself hopeless with a gun to my head. An entire life was ahead of me, yet all I could see was what I had lost, pain and despair. Desperate, I took off into the night on a motorcycle trip that ended up being 23 months and almost 30,000 miles long. I wasn’t alone, there was an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. The devil coaxed me, “Ride until you find a really cool place to get off the road and put a bullet in your heard.” The angel countered with, “Keep riding until you find a reason to live.”

Thankfully, I found my “reason to live” and the journey has continued. Wherever you are at, welcome to this journey, maybe I will see you on the road someday at one of my workshops or conference keynotes. In the meantime, check out my videos here and on Youtube. Listening to my better angel has allowed me the opportunity to help thousands of people across the country from military bases traumatized with PTSD and suicide, to small towns overwhelmed with heroin addiction. I’ve heard the tears of police officers facing the trials of their service alone, mothers struggling to raise their kids in a culture of loneliness and consumption, and people of all ages and races struggling to find their identity in an age of technological numbness.

You can read the longer version of my story here, and check out my books here! Here are a couple of interviews I did for Bill Handel in Los Angeles and Ancient Faith Radio for some more on my journey.

“Silouan’s journey of overcoming incredible personal trauma to find passion and purpose in life is both inspirational and timely. I look forward to helping spread the word and reach those who need to hear his message.”
Sheron Bellio Producer, Bill Handel Show, Clear Channel Media + Entertainment