A Transition Retreat Free to all Veterans!

Bradford Wood’s Manor house where we’ll be staying during our retreat.

Join us on June 25-29, 2018 at IU’s Bradford Woods for a free Ladder UPP transition retreat. We’ll be staying at Bradford Wood’s Manor House, and all the classes, food, and activities are free to participants – walking trails, canoeing and fishing, archery, zip lines and more.   Click here to register for the event. This will be a life changing event for all who attend. Arrive on Monday, June 25th from 3-5pm and we are done Friday, June 29th at 10:30am.

This is for any veteran in transition. Any veteran who was never quite able to fully come home whether from PTSD, depression, or any other transition issues. If you’ve been frustrated in your journey to overcome the issues of service, this is an opportunity to work with others who’ve walked in your shoes to find the kind of meaning and purpose that heals permanently.

This is limited to the first 15 participants, so sign up now. A $50 deposit is required to hold your spot, and will be returned at the completion of the camp. The deposit is so we can accurately determine attendance and plan our food, lodging, etc. This is a free retreat with a value of over $1250 per person. Take advantage of this free opportunity. On staff will be Col. Tommy Smith, a retired chaplain who deployed to both Gulf Wars and is also a licensed therapist. He will be leading our peer groups, probably not a more qualified small group leader in the United States.

Tools you can use to help other veterans!

Also, and just as importantly, use what you learn at this retreat to reach out to other veterans struggling to make that transition home. You will leave with practical tools you can use to help other veterans as you continue to heal yourself.

Click below to reserve your spot and a participant packet will be sent to you. Our camp is being evaluated by an Indiana Univerisity IRB board, so your participation will be a catalyst to helping veteran’s nationwide come home.

CLICK HERE to reserve your spot now. This is where hope begins!


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