The Ladder UPP

The Ladder UPP – live free!

Silouan Green's Ladder UPP life skills workbook.

Silouan Green’s Ladder UPP life skills workbook.

The Ladder UPP will help you use the cracks of life as fuel to live with passion and purpose. It is a conversation on life, a response to the brokenness, disconnectedness, and lack of purpose plaguing our world today.

So much pain, despair, and hopelessness surrounds us. People are lost. We look for quick answers through pills, therapies, gurus, etc. yet our search for hope continues. Why, it takes more than easy solutions, it takes each other. We need community to heal and truly live free. Even organizations that have historically done this like the church are having problems connecting people and keeping them connected. I’m a christian, we need our churches and a foundation of faith. I know great therapists and counselors and a psychiatrist helped save my life, we need our mental health system. But we also need each other. This is where The Ladder UPP comes in. It is a bridge and conversation to help each other heal. A journey that you can begin by going through the workbook alone, it will eventually lead to others like us on this perilous, wonderful, scary, happy, journey of life – people who have been broken, who understand pain, who want to truly live free as we were created and intended to be.

The Ladder UPP takes us through the process of examining our past so we can build a new future. It creates empathy and understanding, it helps us dig in our heals with a simple structure to move forward. You can start by yourself, in a peer group, with a mentor, counselor, preacher or loved one. It isn’t therapy, it is life. It is a discussion that forces us to confront reality in the spirit of fresh air and blue skies.

Silouan created The Ladder UPP as a response to the brokenness he faced after a tragic jet crash descended him into the hell of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and almost completely destroyed his life. You can use it yourself or to reach out to others.

The Ladder UPP helps us process life’s adversities where one can begin to heal and look forward.

“Silouan Green and his Ladder UPP program are vital components to the collective healing of our veterans and country.  I highly endorse him and his program.”

Congressman Zach Wamp Former Ranking Member of the Veterans Affairs Appropriations Subcommittee

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