The Ladder UPP

The Ladder UPP – a foundation for life.

Silouan Green's Ladder UPP life skills workbook.

Silouan Green’s Ladder UPP life skills workbook.

Silouan created the Ladder UPP as a response to the brokenness he faced after a tragic jet crash descended him into the hell of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and almost completely destroyed his life.

It is both a life skills program for anyone looking to build a new foundation for living, and an outreach tool for individuals and organizations looking to engage those struggling with life. The Ladder UPP is evidence based, data-driven, and has been used by individuals, peer groups, and organizations in a variety of settings. Whether you are just unhappily muddling through life, or facing the demons of severe trauma, it can help you live free.

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The Ladder UPP workbook guides you through three easy steps – reveal, rebuild, start the journey – that will give you focus, passion, and the kind of deep purpose that leads to peace and joy. Join the thousands of others who have seen their lives impacted by the proven step-by-step method of The Ladder UPP.

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More on The Ladder UPP:

– Gain focus
– Reach your potential
– Climb out of the darkness
– Live free

The Ladder UPP workbook is for anyone, but it was developed while Silouan worked with men and women dealing with some of life’s deepest mental traumas. Vetted and approved by the behavioral health staff at Ft. Campbell’s Wounder Warrior unit, it can help those dealing with extreme post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other dark places.

And just as importantly, it can help you. Anyone struggling with the hits and struggles life can throw at us can benefit and learn to live free with The Ladder UPP workbook. Over the last decade thousands of people from all backgrounds have used and been helped by The Ladder UPP.

In December of 1996, Silouan Green got on the back of a motorcycle and hit the road. For two years he traveled this great country of ours and found answers. They were answers he desperately needed running from the demons caused by a fractured spine, crumbled relationships, lost dreams, severe PTSD, and a whole host of problems that developed after a tragic jet crash. One which he barely survived.

During that incredible journey Silouan met his soul mate, just 9 months after he had last gone to sleep with a gun to his head. They married and over the last 15 years have grown a family of seven incredible children together. He also escaped the demons and now follows his passion of helping people change their own lives. No matter your darkness, you can have a new life.

But we all can’t go on a 2-year motorcycle trip to find the answers! To ease the process for you, Silouan began by examining the transformative steps he took on his own journey, and then the journeys of the many thousands he has taught and mentored. The result, after years of work and study, The Ladder UPP workbook.

The Ladder UPP workbook is easy to follow and will give you insight, direction, and a clear path to a new life. Most importantly, it will give you hope you can make a change. And it won’t take a 2-year motorcycle journey to make it happen!

The Ladder UPP has helped those dealing with some of the darkest memories, regret, and pain imaginable. IT CAN HELP YOU!!!!

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